Organizational Consulting: How to advance your business

Making your company more efficient and productive is one of the main objectives of every manager. However, many times, it is necessary to use tools to achieve this goal, so that a differentiated or external vision can find the points of vulnerability and the positive points that must be reinforced in the business.

Organizational consulting is an important tool to enhance your results and improve the internal routines of your company, in search of greater productivity and better organizational climate in your company.

We will show you what an organizational consulting is, its main types and help you understand the importance of opting for this type of advice in your business. Clear your doubts about the subject!

What is an organizational consulting?

Organizational consulting is a process that is increasingly demanded internally in companies, in order to achieve better results and achieve the objectives proposed in business plans.It is able to promote a stronger and better consolidated organizational culture, which allows to achieve better results in the long term.

A professional is called to the organization, either through advice or hiring, to make up the staff of the business. Their function is to evaluate the current situation of the organization, verifying positive and negative points in each sector and in the business as a whole. From this, it should point out the main solutions to be taken so that your company can move forward and improve its profitability over time.

What are the main types of organizational consulting?

Basically there are two types of organizational consulting: external consulting and internal consulting. We will show you the main differences between them and which is the most suitable for your business.


The internal consultancy is that carried out by a consultant who is hired from the organization, i.e. he is constantly present and familiar with the values and principles of the business. However, in this case, he does not have a distant vision, which can compromise the objectivity of his analysis.


The external consultancy is the one carried out through the business consultant, hired by the company, coming externally to act in the business. Usually it is part of a specialized consultancy or consultancy, which will analyze the situation and indicate the necessary changes, in order to bring better results and increase its profitability.

How important is it to business?

Organizational consulting brings a series of benefits to organizations that wish to continuously improve their internal processes, whether in relation to actions for their public or even for their internal public (employees, suppliers, stakeholders, among others).

Makes the organizational culture stronger

As an external consultant has a differentiated view of your company, he can observe and identify, more clearly, a negative organizational culture. Think, for example, of a theater: who has the broadest view of what is happening, the spectators or the actors who are involved in the play?

The same happens when we talk about an external organizational consultancy. An outside expert is able to check what is happening with greater consistency and offer the best solutions for the business.

Promotes people management

Organizational consulting helps to prioritize people management in all internal processes. With this, your company will prioritize the best use of its employees, their respective satisfactions and better productivity.

Brings neutrality to conflict resolution

If your business has internal conflicts, an organizational consulting will be essential for the resolution of the issue. This is because the consultants present are neutral, evaluating the situation as a whole and seeking to minimize the conflict and enhance the well-being of all involved.

In addition, neutrality is important, even to weave constructive and forceful criticism about the business. If something is too wrong, the consultant will not be afraid to point it out. Something that is perhaps not so easy when we talk about an internal consultant.

Helping to retain talent

As the consultancy focuses mainly on people management, it is able to identify points that are causing the dissatisfaction of its employees. With this, it is possible to seek to improve these internal bottlenecks, so that they feel motivated on a daily basis.Thus, it decreases turnover rates and improves the organizational climate, two key points for the growth of the company.

Promotes an external view of the company

When you opt for external organizational consulting, you have a view of a person distanced from the processes carried out internally. In addition, they have a macro opinion on the situations that have occurred, mainly because they have diverse experiences with other organizations, some even from other areas, but that can add value and knowledge to your business.

It generates solutions outside the box

As the consultant has a distanced and more experienced vision, due to his actions in other organizations, he can propose solutions that are not very usual and, consequently, can bring more and more positive results for companies.

Consultancy focused on results and growth through the following tools:

  • organizational diagnosis;
  • strategic planning;
  • business plans;
  • outsourcing people management;
  • mapping and process management;
  • lectures and motivational training, among others.

Through them it is possible to observe the current situation of your business and point out the best solutions and implementation of tools to enhance the results, strengthen the organizational culture and minimize problems that are occurring within your company.