Buying a Piano

So, you wish to acquire a new piano or upgrade your old piano. There are many choices when it comes to acquiring among the oldest musical tools, the piano. You have the selection of acquiring a brand-new piano, a 2nd hand piano, and even a digital piano. There are a lot of options therefore numerous brand names to pick from. But, beware … there are additionally several catches in the process.

The piano has actually been around for about 300 years as well as over that time the essence of the piano has not truly changed. The closets have actually changed for many years and also have actually boosted but the inner functions have not really changed from the very first versions produced in the 1700’s. The standard workings are that you play a vital then a hammer strikes a string and also it vibrates and also the sound is shown off the soundboard to generate the music tone (sound).

There are approx. 10,000 components in a piano as well as a lot of these are very finely tuned. The moving components within the piano are called the ‘action’. Similar to an auto the ‘action’ is the engine of the piano. If the activity has troubles or is not preserved then the piano will not execute as it should. A piano is normally considered to be among the hi-end purchases or investments that we make in our life time. It is very vital to hang around researching different options fresh, 2nd hand, brands, warranty, and so on prior to entering on an impulse and acquiring a lemon.

Does dimension issue?

The response to this question is … Yes and also No. Size/height of an upright piano does not really issue. The distinction in pianos in connection with size, indicates that in an upright piano the soundboard as well as also string size are better therefore offer the piano a richer tone and an increased resonant sound. For example … in an upright piano with a height of 108cm compared to a larger upright of 121cm there is an elevation difference of 13cm. Consequently there is approx. 13cm extra in the elevation of the soundboard as well as also greater length of the strings.

The soundboard of a piano is like the audio speakers in a stereo, the larger the speakers the higher the bass response and deeper the tone. This is specifically what happens in a piano. You have to additionally bear in mind the size of the area in which the piano is mosting likely to live. In some areas that have deep pile carpet as well as hefty curtains the smaller pianos will loose their volume due to the ‘soft home furnishings’ absorbing the noise.

If the gamer is simply a beginner or has actually only been discovering for a brief amount of time then a smaller sized dimension piano like the 108cm or 112cm will be fine. If the gamer is a serious pupil, instructor or a person that has been playing for at some time, then a 121cm or bigger would be needed, perhaps a grand piano. The reason for this is that the gamer has experience as well as efficiency capacity and would be looking for a much better tone as well as vibration in the piano which they are playing or exercising on.

New or 2nd hand?

I guess the short answer to the inquiry of 2nd hand is …


This is for a number of factors. There are a lot of people selling 2nd hand pianos that are making a lot of cash playing upon the ignorance of the piano getting public. They have found that they can take an old piano and also tidy up the tool, make the steel parts radiate, polish the timber and generally clean the look of an or else ineffective piano and then place a high cost on the tool. There has actually constantly been a feeling of ‘the higher the rate the better top quality’, this is not the case.

When it concerns pre-owned pianos you require to “do your homework”. Its like getting a pre-owned vehicle!! You require to obtain the advise of someone in the industry like a Qualified Piano Tuner, or a Piano Teacher who understands what to look out for. One of the pianos to attempt and also avoid is the “over-damper” pianos. These usually have issues with the damper mechanism and have actually been found to be a lot of problem to fix by tuners as well as specialists.

Be aware that there are a great deal of pre-owned pianos being imported from Asia and you really require to “proceed with caution” on these. You will possibly be informed that they are wonderful pianos, outstanding condition, and so on. But, think about if they are all that they are constructed out to be, why did the Music School, University, and so on in Asia choose to replace these pianos ???

Also, the remark by the salesman, “they have not had much use!!” is something you need to consider. Bear in mind that regarding 75% of these pianos have actually come from a Music School, University, and so on and also are from 5 years to 20 years old and have many students practicing on them for perhaps approximately 14 hours a day over everyday of the year for 5-20 years. That’s a great deal of job that these pianos have been getting as well as it makes you ask yourself if over this time if they have actually been effectively preserved and also serviced.

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